Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Online Free

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Online Free

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Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014 – 1/26/2014 – 26th January 2014 – HDTV – Watch Online / Download Video Update *DivX* Full Show Replay Putlocker Dailymotion Youtube






Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014 - 1/26/2014 Free Live Streaming Online and Replay Links HD

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014 – 1/26/2014 Free Live Streaming Online and Replay Links HD

WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Watch Live Stream FREE Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Live Stream Free Online here. The match to be held on January 26th at the Royal Rumble between Randy Orton and John Cena will be significant in many ways. It will go a long way to show the direction in which the champion will be headed this year. This match will be a deciding one for the Marquee matches to be held for WrestleMania XXX. This match can be expected to be a match where the immortals will be showcased. The winner of this match and how he wins will factor in significantly. This show will be the front runner for the most prestigious show of the year. Batista returns to WWE as a Babyface. He will emerge as the early favorite. Randy Orton might retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title over John Cena. There will be no excuses or stipulations when Cena engages with Orton in a basic wresting match for the title. As WrestleMania is considered the biggest event of the year. It would indicate that WWE will want to feature the biggest star in its Marquee match. He does not have to be a WWE champion for that. Thus, there are possibilities that Cena will show up in New Orleans with the title around his waist. Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Live Stream PPV Free Online   There are new WWE Royal Rumble a 2014 rumors and spoilers heading into the January pay-per-view from pro wrestling. Among them are “big plans” for Roman Reigns of The Shield, as well as potential for at least two big returns from superstars who have been out of action for some time now. Could this be one of the biggest Royal Rumbles in the history of the event? Read My Custom Card For The PPV Pre-Show: Pre-Show Panel – Josh Matthews, Kane and Stone Cold Steve Austin *Since Kane is in a corporate gimmick now it would suit him being on the panel, plus he has eliminated the most wrestlers in a single Royal Rumble. I picked Austin as the last guest simply because he has the record of Royal Rumble wins and because he hasn’t been seen on WWE television for a while. Dont Laugh Please ! 10 Man NXT over the top Battle Royal to determine the final spot for the Royal Rumble Match -Bo Dallas – Aiden English – Alexander Rusev – CJ Parker – Corey Graves – Leo Kruger – Mojo Rawley – Sami Zayn – Scott Dawson – Tyler Breeze *In this Battle Royal I would have Alexander Rusev win because WWE wants him to debut on the main roster soon plus I have reasons for everyone else not to move up the roster just yet. AJ Lee vs Tamina Snuka * Who is left for AJ to face? WWE’s most logical option is to have Tamina turn on her. There is an easy story to tell, one of Tamina’s jealousy, one of betrayal. Might as well complete the Diesel and Shawn Michaels parallel. This feud takes advantage of that and either crowns a new champ or gives AJ her toughest test to date. Intercontinental Championship Match – Big E Langston (c) vs. Fandango *Big E Langston has been barreling through his competition. Fandango was set to compete for the Intercontinental Championship at the inaugural Payback pay-per-view, but a concussion led to Curtis Axel taking his spot. The ballroom dancer earned a decisive win at TLC against a man in Dolph Ziggler who was recently in the running for the IC title. Though he may just be another victim of Langston’s power, Fandango will get a crack at the powerhouse’s championship. Tag Team Championship Match – The RhodesBro (c) vs. The Wyatt Family * The Wyatt Family is the only team left in the WWE to not get a title shot. I would love to see both teams go at it and I think new Champions will be crowned. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan * I still can’t describe how sad I am to see both titles merged, Honestly I am not a fan of Unification.I can see Daniel Bryan being added in the match. I predict Bray Wyatt to interfere or Distract and let Orton win. Royal Rumble Match  – Alexander Rusev – Alberto Del Rio – Antonio Cesaro(Longest time in The Ring, Last Five) – Batista (RETURN) – Big E Langston(Second most Dominating star) – Bray Wyatt (ELIMINATED BY DANIEL BRYAN) – The Big Show – Christian (RETURN) – Chris Jericho (RETURN) – CM Punk[Winner] – Cody Rhodes – Curtis Axel – Damien Sandow – Dean Ambrose – Dolph Ziggler – Goldust – Jack Swagger – Kofi Kingston (ROYAL RUMBLE AWESOME MOMENT) – Mark Henry – The Miz – Roman Reigns (MOST ELIMINATIONS) – Seth Rollins – R-Truth – Rey Mysterio – Rob Van Dam (RETURN) – Ryback – Sin Cara – Sheamus (Winner) – Wade Barrett * Remember how in the WWE game series how you could pick all the wrestlers in the Royal Rumble? I used to pick the very best of the best and put them into one match, this is exactly the lineup of wrestlers that I would use. Now of course Cena and Bryan aren’t involved since they were in the WWE World Heavyweight Champion match so I guess it sucks if you’re a Cena or a Bryan fan. Now look at the roster, with all the returns, this truly is a star studded Royal Rumble match and to make it better, I would like CM Punk to win it and I also have a strong feeling in The Gut Sheamus could win his Second Royal Rumble match. Obviously this is just my opinion on a solid card for the Royal Rumble and the card itself would look nothing like this. What would you like to Insert in the card?

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Online Free

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